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A martial arts (Asian boxing) card game kit involving unlimited* offence and defence for 2 or more players. The 60 standard-size playing cards (double-sided) are not to be handheld, but rather are to be lain out grid-fashion (5 card by 6 card compressed and staggered grid) on a flat surface. There is useful and different information on both sides of each card.

Parents, guardians, and school staff will appreciate the unlimited** academic question cards which are an optional feature of this game. They are refreshable questions from arithmetic (GRADES 3rd thru 6th), algebra, geometry, trigonometry, Calculus, probability, statistics, physics, chemistry, history, Chinese, etc. (with answer key). The questions are used to challenge the opponent's mental math and memory/recall skills.


Interest in Asian boxing styles involving use of head, hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Readability of EGOBLOW® ranges from grade 4.5 through grade 14.1 (Flesch-Kincaid).

End game:

Harmlessly Render The Opponent Harmless. Skillfully exhaust opponent's capability for offence and/or defence (and then WALK AWAY as winner). Employ the ancient secret that for every offence there is a defence that opens the way for offence. (ref: Count Dante, 1970)***


Contains descriptions of unarmed self-defence techniques for ages 9 to adult. Optionally cause opponent to lose FACE by challenging him or her with academic questions the answers to which vary with time. Correct solutions require an I.Q. >100. (ANSWER KEY PROVIDED). EGOBLOW® is pricey because it is much more than a mere game or toy. EGOBLOW® is packed with more knowledge than a college textbook, yet can easily fit into your pocket. The academic questions in EGOBLOW® are such that the answers thereto resist mere memorization. The constants which set the parameters in the math questions are designed to vary with the ever-changing minute and hour hands of a functioning clock thus making EGOBLOW® a new experience each time you play it. Just as you never step into the same stream twice the unlimited offence and defence possibilities characterizing the Action Cards make EGOBLOW® as unpredictable as a street fight.

EGOBLOW® is unique in that the mental math word problems are crafted to require that the variable constant be taken from the present time of a functioning analog clock. This has been a potentially patentable method or way (since 1981) of minimizing the possibility of a player merely memorizing answers to questions in this ASIAN BOXING CARDS game (formerly called FORCES© and HEMDIN©). Key words for purposes of the Internet search engines are: EGOBLOW®card game clock variable; clock game; clock math game; unknown variable constant taken from clock time; EGOBLOW®refreshable math questions.

EGOBLOW® has been variously called a martial arts card game, a karate card game, a kung-fu card game, a gung fu card game, a taekwondo card game, a hapkido game, a capoeira card game, a  kupigana ngumi card game, a tai chi card game, a muay Thai game, that kick boxing card game, a math game, a mixed martial arts game, that card game with algebra & Calculus in it, a printable math game, CLOCK, clock cleaner, clockette, pic a tic toc, SHONUF, PEACE, REALITY, DEFT MACH, WHITE TIGER, STREET DOJO AND MATH TUTORIAL, MERCY NO MERCY NUMERACY, HEMDIN, POCKET DOJO, TOUGH SMART REALLY? GENIUS, DEATH MATCH  and by many other descriptions. EGOBLOW® is all of that and more (in keeping with your own style, imagination & creativity). [ref: card number PIECE OF CAKE #9B for origin of CUDA BROWN] REMAIN SEATED WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME.


  • Willingness to download, and cut-out card game kit (assembly times will vary depending on your copier speed),
  • Parent/guardian approval/responsible adult supervision during play,
  • Credit card (protected by PayPal) charge of $9.97 USD; pre-assembled games available for $49.99+ S/H, 
  • Computer with color printer (nearly full ink cartridges), 
  • Scissors, glue stick, 2-inch wide clear packaging adhesive tape, 
  • Minimum 20 sheets of white cardstock (if you will not be using color cardstock), 
  • Minimum 15 sheets of yellow cardstock (actually any pastel color is fine), 
  • Minimum 15 sheets of yellow cardstock (actually any pastel color is fine), 
  • Minimum 15 sheets of pink cardstock (any pastel color is fine). 

(Be sure to fan cardstock very well against static sticking; have extra cardstock.) 


    The game purposefully omits pictorial illustration in order to allow players to envision their own styles and use their own imaginations. If you've ever had the experience of listening to (and envisioning) Radio Theatre  you will agree that your own imagination is much superior to any imagery prepared for you by someone else. This also helps to make EGOBLOW® unlimited.


    Harriet Drummond Graphics Designer of Anchorage, Alaska who gave the forerunner of this game (FORCES©) a professional look back in the early 1980’s. (I was her very first client.)

    Attorney Brian Mark Gray who did Intellectual Property work in the 1980’s.

    TimeFrame Copier Center of Anchorage, Alaska (1980’s).

    Army Kirschbaum Ad-Art of Anchorage, Alaska for advertising suggestions and for warning me that my second game box “…looks like patent medicine.” (My 1974 game box was literally made from a large pizza container.)

    Mr. William Bajczyk an award-winning English teacher from the Anchorage School District who twice edited HEMDIN© (now EGOBLOW®). However, the designer tweaked the game so many times after Bill’s editing work that the designer must assume full responsibility for any and all errors at this point.

    Mr. Tom Soper of the Anchorage School District for his assistance with the math (he could mentally solve the trickiest problems while discussing other matters). Mr. Soper embodies the true master teacher (i.e., someone who could have done much more lucrative things, but who chose to educate the children of the poor).

    The college math professor from the birthplace of algebra who proclaimed that “the math questions look fine.” (I promised him anonymity.)

    Webmaster Carla Hendrix for her insistence upon the highest standards of workmanship and for going far beyond the call of duty to make EGOBLOW® instantly available to cyberspace.

    Sae Ngo Kim Hua, Joe Glashaus, and John Paul Reno for their intelligent and patient assistance with certain aspects of EGOBLOW®

    Legal for their fast, affordable and internationally recognized legal work.


    * Unlimited due to the design of the six ''ZERO'' cards and your own imagination. ''ZERO'' cards are omnipotent (WILD) by design. They can be anything.
    ** Unlimited due the design of the questions which involve unknowns that are refreshed by the ever-changing minute and hour hands of the clock (employed to provide the variable constants). You'll see what is meant here after you've read the instructions inside the game.

    ***The designer of EGOBLOW® is a disciple of Count Dante (aka John Keehan), Jim Koncevic (who was killed in a dojo feud by an opponent who out of desperation used a wall-display sai) and Y. T. Tolo-naa (aka Ray Cooper whose school was located at the end of an extremely long bus ride to Chicago Heights). Gentleman Jimmy Jones, formidable Joe Ward, kata king Ben Peacock, businessman Preston Baker, and Ricky the Terror were all a part of Chicago’s tournament scene where Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Jim Kelly competed and Count Dante officiated. (1970) FAST EDDIE WONG* *(nom de guerre)

    If you have trouble downloading EGOBLOW, please contact F. Edward Wong,, (907) 360-4373, Post Office Box 190816, Anchorage, AK 99519-0816. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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